Workers Are Your Greatest Asset

The Traditional style of Contract Employment shift should be changed because it doesn’t give room for Capacity Building, only if this Company’s understand that the People at the Workplace are their greatest asset and not their Brand, Equipments or Products. They are the ones who make your products or services, find your Customers, sell to them, and do everything else that makes your business a business.

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The Government of Nigeria need to stimulate Indigenization Policies of major Production inputs across the country, stiff regulations need to be enacted to mandate Company’s to ensure 80% of its Managements and Workforces are been sourced from within, hence the curve of bridging gap of Unemployment ratio will be reduced.

No matter how good your Product or Service is, your entire business depends on people Creating, Producing and Delivering it to the Consumers. If your people are sloppy, careless, under Skilled, or Unmotivated, this will be apparent in the way they deliver your product or service.

Change is the only thing in life that you can rely on other than death and taxes. If you fight against it, change will be your greatest enemy, if you embrace it then it will be your closest friend. Nothing is more appealing than effects of change on businesses. 

A state of the art Manufacturing facility is pointless if your Receptionist doesn’t answer the phone properly or if she upsets your customers. If however, your people are switched on, motivated, and totally focused on serving the customers, you’re way ahead.

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