Tips: How I Avoided Heartbreaks

Within the few years of living my Life, I’ve learnt a lot of things which makes so much sense to me.
I’ll share a few;

  1. The only people who deserve to be in your life are those who treat you right.
  2. “Emotions” (Love, Anger, Hatred, Love, Love,Love…., etc…😂) is the only thing that control you and you literally have NOTHING to do about it. That sh*t messes up with your whole mind. Infact, it messes up with all of you and you can’t hide it. No matter how hard you try 😂
  3. Stop associating with people who talk down others, cos you’ll definitely be talked down in absentia.
  4. NEVER! EVER! Lie to anyone who trusts you. That is first degree betrayal.
  5. Never be too quick to judge anyone without having a personal experience with them. In other words, DO NOT judge a book by its cover.
  6. Never pull down anyone to rise. Rather, lift up others so you rise together.
  7. NEVER! Force yourself on anyone. Forced relationships are highly disastrous. It is the fastest way to loose yourself completely. You’ll get disrespected and insulted in the process.


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