The Gazelle And The Lion

By; Praise Kalu

One distinctive feature between the gazelle and the lion is that the gazelle always runs from something whereas the lion always runs after something.

The Gazelle gives up at some point when it is not being pushed by an external source.

On the other hand, the lion runs till it achieves it.

Now, which of them are you? Which of them do you intend to be?

Are you the kind of person that waits to be pushed and motivated before you continue your work? Do you wait for others to tell you that you need to try it before you try it?

Or are you the kind of person that motivates yourself to start something regardless of the fears and doubts you have?

You should be the lion, fierce and courageous, chasing after your dreams not minding the obstacles that may arise.

Be intentional about yourself. Don’t wait to be pushed or motivated, motivate yourself.

Until you push yourself, you may not be able to achieve much.

When you push yourself, your whole mind becomes fashioned to your dreams and goals.

Remember, self-motivate yourself, push yourself.

So which one are you, the Lion or The Gazelle?

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