The Fight Between Nigerian Youths And The Big Players

Nigerian Youths are one the most amazing and struggle- Headed beings on planet earth, with the prevailing situations of dreams been scattered by government policies, they still maintain a peaceful atmosphere with the ruling class. Let’s take a picture of this kind of situation ongoing in the country when compared to other nations who demands every form of accountability and stewardship from their government through the act of violence and vandalisation of properties belonging to the state.

Our leaders have failed us in many regards and there isn’t a problem with this fact on their tent. The struggle of the Nigerian Youths is their resort to handle following the recent verbal confrontations with the present administration by popular musical art Ayo Balogun [Wizkid] who came out open on the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for not living up to its expectations of providing good governance to the younger generation has been misunderstood and misrepresented by some stodgy characters benefiting from the ordeal of the day.

Events happening all over Nigeria from the moment we started singing of Change and Next Level Systems has created holes for the masses to come out clear against the evils precipitated on our polity.

It is of no news that the present administration has come out open in different occasions to lambaste the Youths of Nigeria in the international community as been ‘Lazy’ and unproductive. Yes we apparently know this statements fell on the ground considering the fact that most Nigerian Youth ain’t prepared to take the bull by the horn.

Various individuals have led their struggles with no recourse considering how and well the fight can scale through positive outcomes, most Youths preferred to be gifted #2000 by the so called Old folks in exchange of their franchise.

If we must come out open and face the reality of the present outcry in the nation, we need to work in unity and not in disguise for a compendium. The way out of this ugly picture is to work together as a family for sameness. The dreams of our founding fathers can only be achievable by the Youths that’s if we want a change and uplifting the flag that bequeathed us a sovereign state.

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