Coronavirus A Micro-Organism Living Around Us

All Micro-Organism are grouped into; Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi and Algae which can be found everywhere- in the Soil, Air, Water, on our clothes, bodies inside our bodies Etc. Some of the Micro-Organism are beneficial, harmless or non pathogenic while others causes diseases and are referred to as pathogenic and therefore harmful. Virus may be grouped into DNA and RNA viruses which maybe enveloped or without envelope i.e they are naked and can only reproduce inside a living cell. Notable examples of Viruses are Adenovirus, Picornavirus, Togavirus and Coronavirus. Coronavirus…

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NCDC: Nigeria’s CoVid-19 Cases Rise To 11,166, With 315 Deaths

348 new cases of #COVID19; Lagos-163FCT-76Ebonyi-23Rivers-21Delta-8Nasarawa-8Niger-8Enugu-6Bauchi-5Edo-5Ekiti-5Ondo-5Gombe-5Benue-4Ogun-2Osun-1Plateau-1Kogi-1Anambra-1 11166 cases of #COVID19NigeriaDischarged: 3329Deaths: 315 TakeResponsibility

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INDIA: Rare storm in decades pounds India’s west coast

Indian coastal region

Cyclone Nisarga, which intensified into a severe cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea, is making landfall along India’s western coast, forcing a high alert in the financial hub of Mumbai and evacuation of tens of thousands of people. “[The] landfall process started and it will be completed during the next three hours. The northeast sector of the eye of the severe cyclonic storm Nisarga is entering into the land,” India’s meteorological department said on Wednesday. Nisarga dropped heavy rains and winds gusting up to 120km (75 miles) per hour as…

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