Southeast not ready for 2023 presidency, says Maduabuchi (SAN)

Chief Oba Maduabuchi, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria has added his voice to the on-going debate for an Igbo president by 2023 – The respected lawyer is of the opinion that the southeast is not ready for the 2023 presidency – Chief Maduabuchi said Igbos must accept power is never given, it is something you must take A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Oba Maduabuchi, has stated that the southeast is not ready for the 2023 presidency. The respected Igbo lawyer said this during an interview with the Daily Sun newspaper. He said the basic principle with respect to politics is that power is never given, but power is taken. Senator Rochas Okorocha is one of the leading Igbo politicians expected to contest for presidency in 2023. 

His words: “The first thing you will ask yourself, is how is the southeast strategizing? How are the Igbo strategizing in order to take power from the north or the west and make it an Igbo presidency in 2023? 
In another news COVID-19: Oyo makes u-turn on FG’s palliative, says rice has been infested with weavels “Dr Orji Kalu raised his head, but today where is he? He wanted to be president and has started consulting, getting ready, where is he? “Senator Rochas Okorocha became interested. He never hides the fact that he wanted to be the president of Nigeria. Same Igbo vilified him and brought him down.” 

He said the Igbo do not seem to be properly organized or have the necessary orientation to galvanize themselves and make a challenge for the presidency. “If you ask an average Igbo man now, that who is the man you people are proposing to be president in 2023, he cannot name the person, he added. “The problem we are going to have in pursuit of an Igbo presidency is lack of unity. Unless the Igbo go back into the drawing board, the Igbo presidency is just a pipe dream and a waste of time, it will never happen,” he concluded.

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