Sits In Power

Princess Akinogun

The people groan when the wicked are in power.
I was watching a broadcast on TV the other day. It got me thinking about how important “who is where in life is”. That might have been a little confusing I’ll explain. If you’re a religious person you probably like to pray a lot for things to change. But sometimes if you think and use your God given brain you’ll realize that some prayers are empty punches in the air.

The person in leadership matters. Let’s say for example you have a purpose to raise global minded people that will establish organizations or embark on projects that will improve the lives of people in the society. If you do not position yourself to do this, nothing will happen.

Much worse if you’re praying for the change you’re ordained to make happen it’s a bloody waste of time and energy. Sits in power is a concept that every person must understand. You might think “it doesn’t matter who the boss is” it’s a lie , it actually does.

Sits in power is this, the man who made an entire generation of hard working men stand and collapse under the hot sun just because they wanted to get their pension (some eventually died without getting gratuity) — A man can do that.

Sits in power is this the woman who slashes the entire salary of employees of an entire ministry in half so she could use it for her own selfish reasons – it’s possible that’s what a man can do.

Sits in power is this the man who swaps documents so someone who’s less qualified for an admission/ job gets it and the more qualified candidate sits at home. Because human beings are kings upon the face of the earth there are some things that prayers aren’t the solution to, (Prayers aren’t at all irrelevant but faith and works moves things; there’s a time to plant and there’s a time to reap the harvest).

Man is ordained to “have dominion” and some people have mastered this truth that’s why they are “in charge” no matter their character.
They move mountains no matter how many perish in the movement. Sits in power is this that you know what you ought to do and go forward and do it especially when it doesn’t require a prayer to do so.

If you have a clear instruction or concept of who you are and what you ought to do why keep people waiting?

Why groan along with them when you are the answer?

Why don’t you stir up what’s on your inside and find out how to bring it to work upon the face of the earth?

Why not prepare and take hold of that sits in power?

There are places wicked people must not occupy. Man is king on the face of the earth no kidding!!!

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