Rights and Privileges of Being A Nigerian is Been Shortchanged

Nigerian citizens living in parts of Jakarta the capital of Indonesia have come out to show their grievances to the illicit oppression been melted on them while domiciling in the country.

I have come to wonder why we face much heated challenges in trying to secure visa schedule to most countries in the world, just recently the Dubai authorities have tightened their procedures to granting credentials to most Nigerians all in the name of fighting against fraud, which if you come to think of it most Nigerian milk [Budget Allocations] are buried in the UAE. Some of my few colleagues who happen to live and work in the UAE whom are in Nigeria as a result of the Coronavirus shift are been unable to get easy processing of their application back to the emirate.

This situation has led to months of protests in Indonesia which led to the destruction of Nigeria’s Embassy building and some properties damaged by aggrieved Protesters. A Nigerian is reported to have died as a result of him trying to evade arrest by the Indonesian Immigration authority.

The deceased was reported to have been in the country for the past 5 years and his travelling documents had expired but due to the Coronavirus pandemic which made international travels somewhat difficult and most travels across borders have placed ban on flights movement the victim was unable to have his papers renewed.

I gathered some first hand information through authoritative sources, where I got hinted how the deceased was hunted by the Indonesian Immigration in his apartment, the victim tried to resist them from entering into his building but all was to no avail.

In the attempt of escape, he tried to jump down the stairway where he eventually gave up the ghost without any form of rescue from the police and Indonesians at the scene.

This situation did not go down well with Nigerians who learnt about the ugly incidence, many sympathisers have storm the streets and major cities in Jakarta to express their displeasure with the government and its agency.

Apparently, the Nigerian government needs to put into consideration the institutionalisation of approaches in engaging various social and cultural stimulation of intergovernmental agencies whereby the host countries in which Nigerians domicile come to respect and see our citizens as part of their integral business components.

If you come to think of how Americans and other advanced countries nationals are been treated across borders irrespective of their host regulations, then we will come to appreciate the point of government responsibility in enhancing their actions on its citizens robotisation in other to maintain a level of fair practices and a sense of belonging in the world political atmosphere.

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