Referrals Does Better Than Advertising Your Brands

I share these things with you because I believe that you are not just on social media to entertain yourself.

There is an entertainment part of it, but much more, you should be here to learn.

If you own a small business that you want to grow and you are on social media, your case is different, meaning that you should be on the lookout for those information that will move you to the next level.

It’s totally contrary to what you knew or must have read. The experts in the advertising industry might not like this, but I must tell you because it’s important.

Advertising is good. Especially if you are just starting up. It positions you very well and puts your business in the face of your target audience.

Here is another thing you can use to boost sales, it’s called word of mouth.

You might call it referral, but it has to do with people recommending your products to others.

I know you have been told that you don’t have power over it, but there are little things you can do to make people recommend you to their family, friends, and colleagues even without you asking.

Excellent customer service.

I know you have heard the cliché customer is king a thousand times, but to you, it’s now a norm, who cares.

Do you know that a customer that you took care of can stick with you even when your product is not exactly what he or she wanted?

This is not an excuse for creating poor products, but to let you know the importance of taking care of your customers.

Check this scenario

You saw an ad for a sharwama, it was lovely. It got your attention. You wanted to buy it for personal person.

You discussed it with your guy and he recommended the sharwama spot close to your area. He goes forward to tell you about the taste and how well stuffed up it is.


Which will you go for, the one you saw on television or the one your friend recommended?

I know you will follow that of your friend’s recommendation, you know why? we are all follow follow when it comes to making a buying decision.

If your friend was treated poorly there, would he recommend them even if they are the best? No.

If you want to trigger word of mouth, take care of your existing customers.

Tell me, what do you think?

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