Opinion: Isn’t Winning So Overrated

By Praise Kalu

For me, winning equals action. To be a winner, you have to pay the price. Winning comes by relentless pursuit towards the mark.

An athlete on the field is not said to have won until he gets to the finish line. He gets to the finish line by being the first to get there, facing all his competitors (including those who started before him and those who came after him).

He could never have been the winner if he had just stopped in the middle to rest and allowed others to overtake him.

He is relentless, resilient, determined, and focused on his goal which is to stand on the podium and be awarded the gold medal.

Be that athlete, Envision life as a field on which you have other athletes like you competing for the medal.

Do all the underground training necessary to win. Be selfish as regards yourself and your future ambitions. You have to develop yourself.

Like Brian Tracy said, “It is more hard work and dedication than natural ability and talent that leads to excellence and great success”, dedicate your time and effort to develop yourself into the winner.

Finally when you’re on that field, stretch yourself, surmount all obstacles, remove all possible distractions, and strive till you reach your goal.

In the end, you’ll see that winning was never really difficult after all. It just demanded your determination, consistency, commitment, and push.

Note: You strive till you reach “your” goal, not someone else’s

COMMENT BELOW, do you think winning is overrated or would you prefer to be number one than being the last in the row because of lack of preparation?

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