Opinion: I Feel In Love with Him Without Realizing It

Nwafor Blessing.

It’s very funny to know that some people can fall head over heels for another person. I am one of those people. It still surprises me how that happened.

Falling in love was something I saw in movies and read in novels, I only witnessed a few who fall in love with reality. I thought it was a hard thing to fall in love in reality until I fell in love. A love I never saw coming. My love stood there watching me for a very long-time but had no courage to approach me. He was just waiting for me to notice him but I refused to. I never expected love at such a tender age. I needed no distraction and I was too focused on my academics.

Little did I know that my then best friend was taking note of my love. She watched his every move and watched mine. Upon realizing that I care less about that love, she took it upon herself to make me see the love right in front of me. She wanted me to experience how it feels to fall in love and be in love. She knew right from the very start that my love was never going to fail me nor hurt me. Even if he does, she was sure he’ll make up for it and we’ll go on with our love life.

She brainwashed me and showed me the reasons why I need to fall in love. “I can’t. I just can’t!” I said without thinking twice.

“Blessing, you can! You need to experience this love. I have watched you and I know you need this love. Don’t get too worked up, I will help you with the process. I will help you fall in love with him.”

I was speechless. That girl knew how to operate my ‘Mumu Button’. I gave in and started letting myself fall in love. Little did I know that love was so sweet. I experienced the sweet love and paid no attention to whatever any other person said. My friend was also shocked. The way I fell head over heels for this guy surpassed her expectations but she was happy. At least, she saw that I became happier.

Mummy started noticing my smiles. I was gradually changing for the better. My love influences me greatly. She realized the guy was helping me to become better and she let us be. She encouraged and cheered me. My classmates became alarmed. They could not believe what they saw.

A few months later, I traveled to another state but didn’t let go of my love. He followed me and my daddy allowed him. Though he was against a young girl falling in love the way I did but he had no choice. I made sure to let him know that he has to either deal with it or lose me.

In my new school, I was intimidated a lot. I cried a lot for months but my love wasn’t happy seeing me cry. Anytime I was offended and couldn’t do anything, I run to him for consolation. He was the perfect listener. After pouring out my heart to him, I would feel relieved.

One day, I decided to let my classmates know I have a lover. I took him to my school and introduced him to all of them. He was too handsome to be neglected. They embraced him and since then, they started cherishing me. That’s how much my love did for me. Everywhere I went, he was there to fight for me. He made me have lots of friends even though those friends only came around because they just couldn’t ignore his handsome face. But, I was happy.

A few years later, something happened and I got so angry. I shouted at my love and asked him to leave and never return. I was broken. I just couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes. He pleaded but my mind was made up. A lot of people talked to me on his behalf but, I gave them a stern NO. I was just not ready to be his love again. Making that decision made me empty but I just couldn’t forgive him. I longed for his touches and defense but the padlock with which I locked my heart was so strong to be easily broken.

After about a year, we were still not on good terms even though he never left my side. I already started looking for a new love who won’t betray me like he did even though it was just once. Suddenly, I came across a Facebook post and that post made me go into deep thinking. I saw myself as nothing without him. I started seeing the reasons why I needed to get back together with him. I decided to give him a chance after sliding into the DM of the post writer. She gave me her reasons and I decided to have my love back.

I pleaded with him but before I could finish with my apologies, he embraced me so softly and told me he has forgiven me. We got back together without delay.

Today, for over a year, we are still together after that one-year breakup. I see a great future with him even when preachers preach against falling in love at a tender age. I just can’t hold back. I fall in love with him over and over again. Criticize me, call me names, I won’t squint. I have decided to love him till eternity. I told God that and I know he understands me.

Now, join me as I officially reveal my first love, the only guy I fell in love with without taking cognizance of it. The love I can boost of anywhere without feeling ashamed.

He is my one and only. He is the guy who scattered my brain right for childhood. He is no other than my WRITING! My BOOK!

Stand up as we applaud him👏👏👏.


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