One Called A Better Policeman – Prologue

     The One put in place,
     charged to watch over
    The Rich and the Poor.
Guard their Wealth their Pittance;
   Wealth amassed stacked away;
   Little pittance tucked away;
           He is
     One who is called,
The judge in his Ecstatic robe 
     Bewigged and Hooded,
  Sitting in all Authority;

Against Vengeance of the Innocent convict,
Is guarded by
One who is called,

A plane is crashed, a Child is missing,
Ask him:
The workers Picketing, The Wife is feuding
Report to Him
A Baby dumped abroad, a Corpse lying about,
Send for Him;
Who is called

Esteemed of less Authority,
   Yet presides Between,

The Learned and Unlearned; Between

The Privileged and Underprivileged; Between
The Strong, the Powerful, and
The Weak, the Powerless;
He is One called


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