No Pressure

By; Terdoo Akase

“when will you graduate?” That question gleefully tormented my course mates and I. They taunted us with it like an abominable plague. Broken, tired and helpless, our mouths stood ajar with salty tears under our breath. We eventually spent almost 10 labourous years studying a 6yr course.

However, less than a year after graduation, the progress has been exponential. We dial the sad memory but it is always unreachable.

Gen 1:3-5 God made light on the first day and then took a break. There was so much still yet to be done but He could afford to rest after creating “just light.” He was not under pressure to finish creation in a day.

Society will put timelines on your life and try to drag you under it's injurious weight. Time to get married, have kids, buy a car, travel abroad, expand your business, do ministry on a global level etc. They are quick to call you out as old. How could they determine if you were late on life when they did not assist God in scripting the timetable of your destiny? 

That pressure is wearing you out. Shake it off!
Set your pace, celebrate little success and enjoy the process. Your alarm does not go off on another man’s clock. Selah

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