Nigeria’s Lost Gold

Nigerian government dance with Western Government and Oil Multinationals and each one of them taking a slice of our National cake, But change has always come from individuals and we first need to fix our problem at home before thinking of changing the World bank and all those people remember Nehru and Grandhi, Martin Luther King.

How crazy it is that a country exporting millions of gallons of Oil each day had none for its own people. What is the role of the Mavericks or dissenter, a question I asked myself where exactly do I fit? So often I feel out of place and by this I’m not referring to my stance against government policies.

I consider my political dissension to be a necessity rather than the actions of misfit, given that the majority of us believe the same thing. What I speak of not fitting in has to do with a cultural sense of non belonging which refers to the “The Fabric of African Cultures” as an expose of the so called elements that make up the African Personality’s.

These characteristics are obviously generalisations, but I believe they still ring true for much of the continent with daily life in Nigeria left more time for tranquil reflections.

When will serious attention ever be given to Nigeria considering the plank of Insecurity problems across the country by the so called West’s superiors this hasn’t happened and its continues to be a struggle which apparently finding the balance will be hard.

Perhaps in the future there will be some history about political and economic benefits but at present there is still much to fix that needed to be instituted by the government. The insensitive of the ruling class to fashion a course towards revamping the economy and security challenges in the region is a point of serious concern that arguing a position was not the same as agreeing with it.

Their major responsibilities which should be proper management of our scarce resources rather than sympathising actions are injurious to Nigerians but the government can still put things in shape.

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