Nigerian Youths Urges Google To Change Doddle

Going by the current protests across Nigeria due to the operations of personnels of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARZ) a tactical agency under the Nigeria Police based on their mal-handling of security brigade on Nigerians resulting in shootings which have led to deaths and periodic beating of people have sparked protests ongoing for over a week now.

Apparently, Nigerians are demanding Google and other international news agencies to change it’s doddle in appraisal of the protest to EndSarz menace across the country to curb the outcry in the society which have persisted overtime.

Nigerian Youths have been making outcry to the government of President Buhari to #ENDSARS but it seems the plea has fallen on deaf hears as the authorities who is responsible for the welfare and security of the citizens are at war with their demands of fairness and a level playing ground for all.

The youths have taken to social media to air their various displeasure with the government and instituted peaceful protests in different cities across Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Ilorin, among other places, unfortunately the Police Ibb Abuja shotguns at some protesters.

The eventual outcome of these protests will determine the next line of action of the youths and the quest towards demanding for inclusion in the government policies and formulations.

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