[New Post] The Rising Hope For Nigeria’s Telecommunication Sector

Telecommunication development to the growth ratio in Nigeria can be felt in the socio-economic and political sectors which manifest in the positive and negative spheres. Telecoms have heightened the level of interconnectedness among and between peoples of the country and outside communities, through a systematic integration of autonomous economies into a global system of production and distribution.

Apparently, Telecoms in Nigeria seeks to eliminate trade barriers through integrations and interactions which can be passive or active move or counter move, actions or reactions of capital and labor thereby leading to an unhindered exchange of goods and services across borders in a dialectical process.

In virtually all the sectors and occupation of human endeavours ranging from Politics, Transportation, Education, Banking, Law, Insurance, Engineering and Defense amongst others have felt the prime importance of Telecoms provision in its configurations. Work can be outsourced to any part of the world that has an internet connection, work such as software development is been projected by Telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

Eventually, Telecoms brings about the opportunities of wealth creation through the enhancement of trade goods and services and the gaining of access to new idea, technological rejuvenation and institutional ideas.

Consequently, the economies of the country is been projected into a wider communities enshrined through operations of mobile phones and internet connectivity which have brought people closer, the world is becoming a smaller place, goods and services which were confined to some areas are made available across the globe which makes the world a global village.

Furthermore, Telecoms has helped in the direct and indirect contributions to the employment stimulation of the country, its renders employment opportunities to hundreds of people directly and hundreds of the thousands of jobs indirectly.

Negatively, the operations of Telecoms has opened the curve of top climatic related risks in the country, the establishment of Base Stations Sites and Data centers scattered all over Nigeria in the form of Marts has perpetually transcended on Radio-Active components that brings about Gaseous Emissions and Noise Pollution which poses as a great challenge to the Ozone Layers, apparently this fate becomes harmful to the human health conditions cohabitation of her people.

Also, incessant increase in the Tariff plans poses a very great upsurge to its subscribers, this forms part of its exploitative tendencies encountered by their operations in the derivation of its values through service delivery to users.

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