NCC Bans 33.75 Inactive Phone Numbers In Nigeria

  • the agency has laid down regulations on GSM lines.
  • the commission frowns at illegal registration of SIM card by illicit agent services.

Consequently, the Nigerian Communications Commission has withdrawn 33.75 million telephone numbers from telecoms companies who are former licensees of the regulator.

The commission also returned 7.49 million telephone lines to Nigerian Telecommunications Limited and three other telecom operators, a document on the national numbering plan of NCC released on Thursday stated.

Some of the defunct mobile operators whose phone lines were withdrawn include Cyancom Ltd former MTS 1st Wireless Limited, ChromeComm Limited, GiCell Wireless Limited, Electronics Comms Incorporated, Mobitel Limited and M -TEL Communications Limited.

Multi -links Telecommunications Limited had 11.59 million phone lines withdrawn while O’dua Telecoms had 505,000 of phone numbers withdrawn.


About 90,000 phone lines belonging to the defunct Rainbownet were withdrawn while Starcomms had 7.66 million phone numbers released to the industry regulator.

Also, 11.92 million phone numbers belonging to the defunct Zoom Mobile were withdrawn.

Meanwhile, over 500 million new telephone numbers have been provided for telecommunications operators from the National Numbering Plan of the NCC.

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