Madagascar’s CoVid Organic : A rising hope for Africans- Paul Ugbede Godwin.

Madagascar vaccine called Covid Organic just arrived Nigeria ?? today. That country has zero deaths from the Coronavirus, Time for Africa to look within for her potentials, The “giant of africa” stuff has fooled us too much that we
don’t realise other countries have left Nigeria far behind.
Abeg, let them send this across the states so I can down it with hot eba and egusi soup. About time… I see Africa on the verge of something great. Madagascar is definitely doing something right. 193 Cases and 0 death! Mo fọ. Instead of blaming invisible 5G, Bill Gates .
like Nigerians on social media, they developed a local solution to a global problem…. Africans wise up. This will mark the end to convid-19 in Nigeria. I don’t know ?‍♀️ why I
believe the efficacy and effectiveness of this drug but we have
nothing to lose if otherwise. This is commendable for a start, Nigeria has a long way to
go, always looking outside for loans and solutions, never looking inwards when we have capable people within. I am impressed because this is from another African country and we should also be looking within the continent of Africa, to develop our selves, as Africans.
use am so tey Coronavirus go vex go back to ?? Meanwhile The president of Madagascar is seen in the laboratory, to follow up the production of CVO. But down here, he will relax in the office
given order as an old man selling provisions in a shop.Till now there was no news that People that took Covid Organics have died ,People
have been saved ,even Children and Lockdown have been suspended ,If Covid Organics is Dangerous by now ,CNN,BBC ,Al Jazeera I know must be Talking about it ,But No .Well it’s good Nigeria check the safety and efficacy and I hope they
won’t Play Politics with it , This Madagascar solution will work for Nigeria by the special grace of God Almighty

Paul Ugbede Godwin


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