I Prepared For It, But I Failed

By Gilgal Umia.

The season finale of anything is usually a time where people put in their best to ensure they finish strong.

And it wasn’t different for me in my final year. I knew I had to double up.

Schooling from home for four years, I had to relocate to school in my finals and committed more to my studies.

The way I was serious ehn, even me fear. I had my best grade in final year.

I would say to students and everyone reading this, not to reserve your best for the last. If you give your best from the beginning, you will exert less effort in the end, and even when you exert more effort in the end, it will skyrocket your previous effort.

But not giving your best from the beginning, will require even more effort later to make up for it, and sometimes, no matter the effort you make in the end, the lapses would have been too much to be covered. Always show up in your best.

Returning from TDB (reading till daybreak in night class), thank God I didn’t sleep this time; I got dressed, taking giant strides to the exam hall. For all I knew, I was ready to kill that course.

Seeing the exam questions, my lips stretched in a broad grin. You know that look that says “na this one I dey read for since?” I grimaced and started writing.

I knew all the questions, so I selected 3 to answer since that was what we were asked to do.

I soon left the exam hall, I no like to dey waste time for hall.

“Scholar scholar, jacko!” My friends gave me a knowing smile and I smiled back.

I waited patiently for my other colleagues to come out.

“Which number did you answer?” Mike asked me.

“Question 2, 3, and 5. What about you?”

“You didn’t do no 1?” he asked, stunned.

“No, it was too long Jor”

“But it’s compulsory, and it carries 40 marks, the rest is 20marks”

“You said what? Compulsory watin?” my heart raced in the speed of light. Trembling hands, I opened my question paper and read the instructions clearly.
I felt my legs pinned to the ground, tears stung my eyes. I was without smile for the rest of the day.

Having done the CA, and answered the other questions well, I was able to escape a carryover.

That was how 40 marks slipped my fingers because I didn’t heed to instructions.

Others must have felt, she is a scholar, she didn’t even waste time in the hall, if only they knew I didn’t answer the most important question. Don’t be carried away by the fast pace of others, walk your path.

Your success is tied to instructions. Learn the habit of obeying instructions wherever you find yourself.

No matter how good you are, rules govern different spheres, groups, organizations, competitions, wealth, business, growth, success, name it. Don’t become too confident that you forget to pay attention to details.

Don’t be so much in a hurry that you neglect the needful.

It’s easy to overlook things when reading, but calming down and reading again will make you notice what you didn’t notice before.

I hope the someone in the house can pick one or two from this?

What other lessons can you glean from this gist?

Let me know in the comment session.

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