Written by ; Paul Ugbede Godwin

As a dark skinned person, part of the challenges you will face in the outside world is “Discrimination”. People are going to underestimate you before they have the chance to evaluate you.

Just being black alone has its own limitations to fight. One of the problem Africans are having, is that we always wait for things to work, before we work. That’s why we find it very easy to shift and cast blames on the government that is not working for the good of the citizenry.

3 Major problems We must fix before our Citizens can enjoy Global recognition;

1• NATIONAL IDENTIFICATIONS: For such reasons, we have had many identities for Nigerians, we have tried Voters Card, National Identity Card, etc. I was counted, my pictures were taken, and still I haven’t gotten access to the card for more than 5 years running. So when you have a nation where you can’t identify your people, it’s creates serious problems for the business of governing the welfare and allocation of resources of the masses, and apparently creates fear and tension for the business environment to strive.

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2• HOUSE ADDRESS: We make fun of it, it’s very important in the real sense, locating someone in Nigeria is a very difficult task, First he has no identity, and secondly you cannot tell where he stays. This mostly affects the logistics based industries.

3• LAND MANAGEMENT: When you want to buy a land and you’re told to pay #5000 just make provisions of getting to pay #20,000 because you are going to pay pay for the land and it’s owner.

The reason interest rate is very high in Africa compared to the inflation rate is not far fetched because government don’t know her people and where the people live. Apparently, when somebody present a property to stand as a collateral, you can’t trust it. “So the bank have to edge and charge you twice knowing fully well something might go wrong.”

People are borrowing money from banks at the rate of 5-9% interest rate as the case may vary for each banks, that is you have to pay up to 60% of the monthly returns to service the loan within the month. How much profit can you make as profit marginalisation within that loan facility framework.

Perpetually, the cost of doing business in Africa and Nigeria in particular is extremely high. It takes almost three times the exact amount to construct a 1km road in Nigeria than some of our contemporary countries of the world.

The question we need to ask ourselves is that why is it so hard for young persons to succeed in business? Ans= That’s because the cost of doing business is very high, so when you sum up the cost of production and other mechanisms you’ve little to pay for welfare of The workers and low return for investment.

The World stage functions on Speed, I mean high voltage, so if you have developed a slow response to life, you are apparently competing with people who have speed, very fast, which means you’re definitely going to be left behind.

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