Featured Post: Bail System Amidst Corrupt Practices In Nigeria

The Nigerian Justice System has rapidly experienced situations of decadence due to the facets at which its handles litigation matters in contemporary times across the country. Bail Application processes in the country has generated heated arguments from different quarters with the Nigerian Police department opining with it’s “Bail is free slogan” but their assertion have relatively come out to be untrue.

The atrium of this scenario manifest when a suspect is been apprehended by the police department without establishing a decision from the court room, suspects are been mandated to pay ransom for their release most a-times under duress at police custody’s in Nigeria.

This conditions have been compromisingly cemented by the Nigerian Judicial System, suspected personality’s who were brought through judicial orders to the court are been submerged to pay a stipulated amount seeking for Bail without any recourse as to whether the suspects had been convicted or indicted of instituting the said crime.

The arrest of Eromosele Adene an #EndSARS Protester in Lagos by operatives of DSS has shown us that the hope of a common Man in Nigeria is somewhat limited in the court room, but through affluence this fate is attainable.

Yaba Magistrate Court decided he should fulfill a Bail Condition through the payment of N1Million for committing an alleged crime against State apparatus which in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended in 1999 opined that;

Participation In peaceful procession and political conferencing is an aspect of human co-habitation, the exception shall be determined if the said event goes beyond the main character of its establishment.

1999 Nigerian Constitution

It’s Judiciary and morally wrong for suspects’ to pay ransom of cash towards fulfilling bail conditions there are other stiffer options available in the system of justice in determining this feat.

The end result of this help in stimulating corruption and embezzlement of public funds among public officials who know after court summons they would apply for bail at the expense of buying themselves out of justice.

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