Don’t Ask Them To Hire You, Do This Instead

I made a post some time ago on the need for newbie copywriters to volunteer instead of waiting. Some agreed with me while others said they will not do that. That’s okay, your opinions are respected by me as long as it gives you the result you need.

I want to show you another way of landing your first client after paying for those copywriting courses. It can be frustrating when you have finished developing yourself as a copywriter and you can’t land a client. Some begin to question their coach’s integrity, but there is a solution.

After you sign out and have gained confidence as a copywriter, this is one of the things you should do. Look out for businesses in your niche, visit their websites, social media pages, read their ads, and see if there is something wrong with what they are doing.

If you can discover that, reach out to them with the solution. Don’t call them to tell them that something is wrong with their marketing content, how dare you? rewrite the copy, point out what they might be doing wrong, show the proof that it might be why they have not gotten their required result, and ship the copy to them for free.

Remember, to put your contacts. Let them know that you are a copywriter and you will be free to help them create more compelling copies. If they test your copy and it converts, what do you think they will do? Yep, you just got your first client.

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