COVID19 Amidst International Cyber Security Challenges

Now that we are truly into the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and Africa many of us are in various forms of increased restrictions and lockdowns or just coming out of them.

The US elections have again provided a fascinating insight into the workings of democracy and how it connects to national security, particularly in regards to the pandemic.

Border security and bio security are two important issues for the International Security Programme at the moment and work on cyber security is becoming increasingly significant at the international level.

Over the last few months, concerns has been on the rise by the increased turbulence in the world such as in Nigeria, Belarus, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Nagorno Karabakh and at the India-China border as well as in cyberspace.

In particular, we have been exploring how a new resilience framework for international security could form the basis for a future in which preparedness for crises is better rewarded and implemented.

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