CoVid -19 pandemic and the Nigerian Experience – Paul Ugbede Godwin

CoVid 19 started predominantly from Wuham China during the fourth quarter of 2019. It has apparently claimed over 315,000 deaths with 4.5 million people infected globally and in Nigeria according to NCDC as at 16th of May,2020, Nigeria’s confirmed cases stood at 5621, with 1472 persons recovered and a total of 176 people had died of the noble Coronavirus across states in the country.

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The quest towards finding Vaccines in the world has been a futile adventure which consequently has thrown us into a dilemma of fears amongst other things, so many attempts and drugs like Chloroquine and Remdesivir has undergone medical evacuations and reviews with no green light on finding a genuine commendations from the WHO.

The COVID19 situation in Nigeria is somewhat not different from other occurrences globally but the question we need to address is our level of preparedness in curbing the spread of Coronavirus, the various Lockdown regimes across the country is commendable, but how effective and efficient has been the enforcement of this siege across Nigeria.

In Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state , Nigeria, where the state government has been extending the Lockdown measures despite the Federal Government lifting has apparently experienced increased numbers of CoVid 19 cases by the days going by.

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If Nigeria needed to curb the further spread of Coronavirus across states in Nigeria, we need to tell ourselves the truth observing lockdown in selection doesn’t reflect the WHO rule on 14 days total Lockdown of all activities in all spheres of human corporations, only those on essential duties which are the healthcare practitioners, security personnel are granted credence to operate and still be guided on the quarantine regulations.

Welfare of the Citizens and health insurance for medical practitioners needed to be reviewed and upgraded though the government have been making promises but there’s no sign of it been implemented. The government of Nigeria should as a matter of urgency address the issues of hunger that’s looming by providing food items and some essential supplies to be of utmost priority, “An hungry man is an Angry man”.

Businesses should be granted recovery funds by the federal and state Government through its agencies to enable it strive amidst the pandemic, this will help maintain constant efforts in payment of salaries and consequently avoid the lay off of workers which could lead to rise in unemployment rate during and aftermath of Coronavirus.

“As a country we can only come out strong of CoVid 19 effects if our Indigenisation policies are been reawakened through the stimulation of our Tradi-Medical Health sector which I so much believe will produce the desired results”

Hopes has began to rise in Africa, following the intervention of the Madagascar’s CoVid 19 Organic being circulated for trial treatment of the pandemic though it has produced results in the parent country where it was made but notable countries like; Nigeria, Guinea etc has made patronages.

Like what was done by Madagascar through CoVid Organic production will definitely bring about an advancement of its foreign policy and potentially boost its revenue generating capacity and furthermore scale up it research rankings globally.

Nigeria and her people needs to embrace stiffer measures and advance more options in making the combat against the spread of the nobel Coronavirus worthwhile with a positive stride towards the curbing and flushing of CoVid 19 Out of Nigeria and the World at large.

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