Coronavirus A Micro-Organism Living Around Us

All Micro-Organism are grouped into; Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, Fungi and Algae which can be found everywhere- in the Soil, Air, Water, on our clothes, bodies inside our bodies Etc. Some of the Micro-Organism are beneficial, harmless or non pathogenic while others causes diseases and are referred to as pathogenic and therefore harmful.

Virus may be grouped into DNA and RNA viruses which maybe enveloped or without envelope i.e they are naked and can only reproduce inside a living cell. Notable examples of Viruses are Adenovirus, Picornavirus, Togavirus and Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is capable of been transferred from one place to another, carriers use various parts of their bodies e.g Mouth parts, Noseries among others to carry these micro organisms around, if environmental conditions of growth such as food, adequate temperature and humidity are favourable it then apparently breeds increase in the spread of Coronavirus.

As the World Health Organisation warns Nations on the eminent wave of #Covid19 we have to avoid the spread of the virus by maintaining Social Distancing, Personal or direct skin contacts, and importantly do away with Vectors this period of unprecedented happenings globally.

In this part of the world where our Healthcare section is in a dilapidated conditions the government needs to be proactively involved in creating heated awareness to the masses, In my trip from Oshodi to Lekki yesterday through BRT I noticed most people no longer wear face masks which is disturbing. All stakeholders and government agencies need to wake up to this shift so we can defeat COVID19.


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