Herbs. Being a gift to mankind is one of most underrated therapy humans have neglected due to civilization and knowledge gotten from literature texts and classrooms. 
Humans as mobile beings are exposed to different dangers caused by natural disasters or man-made complacency. Health status is affected and physical damages are caused as a result. 
Most at times, the only cure we want are those prescribed to us by the elites who have gone through the four walls of a renowned institution. 

Herbs before now, has been important to all cultures since long before history was recorded. 
Hundreds of tribal cultures have used wild and cultivated herbs for medicinal and food purposes for thousands of years. 
Herbs have its origins in ancient cultures. It involves the medicinal use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and well-being. 
Some herbs have potent ingredients that are instructed by herbalist to be taken with the same level of caution as pharmaceutical medications.
The disadvantages of using herbs are minimal. The cost price is affordable and almost free as it can be gotten from plants that are most times unwanted.

The cures to health challenges are very swift and almost certain.

Citing the current pandemic that is putting the lives of millions of individuals into uncertainty, with the hope of vaccines being the only remedy, Herbs might just be the only way of escape.
If much efforts are placed on getting a verified herbal mixtures to cure the world of this currently deadly pandemic called Covid-19, a positive result might be gotten sooner than later.

Days where answers to ailments are not gotten from Pharmaceutical shops or Medical Laboratories, Herbs might just be the answer.

Herbs is a natural gift to man

    CONTENT WRITTEN BY    – Isaiah Imhanria

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