#Bokoharam: Government Playing Cheese With Citizens Lives

The Government of Nigeria announcement of blocking all Sim Cards who have not been linked to the NIMC server is a welcome initiative that’s if it will be consolidated to achieve its desired moves. The Buhari led Executive council have been laying emphasis on digitalization of Country on cloud mechanisms but this mission have fall off shifts because the effects of this policy’s have not improved the Security challenges been faced.

For over a decade, Bokoharam Jihadist’s have been unleashing havocs on the Northern parts of the country predominantly without any trace by the government. Question most patriotic Nigerians ask is that what value and benefits is the government driving in mandating citizens to get registered through BVN, NIMC, Driver’s License, International Passports without it been used to check-mate the activities of people and organizations.

Notably, during the Civil War 1967-1970 the Nigerian Military Council was able to cut down supplies of basic amenities to the Eastern region, the impasse apparently led to the dislodgment of the Biafra frontiers because you can’t fight a war on an empty stomach, that approach instinctively gave a new approach to the war. 

Terrorist groups must have key components like funding, machinery’s, networks and food supplies to stay effective, how do Bokoharam Sect’s get all of this components without the Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigerian Food Agency’s and the Defense Headquarter not been in the know or been unable to fast track and respond decisively just like it did during the #EndSARs campaign, one will smell a fishy game plan.

The present Government in Nigeria are playing a cheese game to the Security challenges in the country, to face reality if we want to defeat Bokoharam the Service Chiefs needs to be replaced because they are interwoven with the Executives in calving resources for their selfish agendas— you can’t be a General or an Admiral giving instructions to Soldiers from the comfort of your home in Abuja and expect variant performance.

Governor Zulum who once Campaigned for decisive actions to curb insurgents in his state now sees the Security situation in the Northeast better under Buhari’s administration but contrary to his postulation just recently over 300 Students were adopted by Bandits in Katsina  — the President‘s county home and coincidentally his on a visit while the onslaught occurred, one will note that banditry is no respect-a of stratum, why President Buhari hasn’t come out to openly sympathize with the victims remains a great concern to many who are finding it hard to know the direction where is commitments lies in combating Insurgency’s.

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