Be The Driver Of Your Destiny

Written by: Patience Edet

Yesterday was somewhat adventurous, though it boring at the beginning, why? I was the only female in the car, you can imagine, I was with two able men and one guy.

Didn’t I tell you? I’m sorry about that. I travelled to Ibadan (the biggest city in Africa for a supposed training, When we got to the training ground, I was solely surrounded by men, wetin happen nah, shey nah only me waka come ni?

Please, kindly permit me to tell you something that you probably do not know about me. Thanks for permitting me. Yes, Crownofglory is the firstborn in the family, and the only daughter in the family of five, abeg tell me wetin happen. Okay, na I see say nah only me waka come!

As you’re reading this, please help me to tell my future husband wherever he dey say I must to born girl o, I cannot come and be being alone every time. Thank God for my mum who agreed to be both my sister and mother, tell me where I for dey – probably under the bed!

When I got to the event centre, we were asked to use our face cap and nose mask, I used the cap, na so cap dey fall like say na only me dey there, in fact, my Director had to help readjust the cap and wore it on my head, still nkor? Cap still dey fall for ground.

What exactly am I to do with this cap, that’s how I removed the cap and turn the face back, and turn the adjustment area to the front, and it fitted and stood there gidigba!

I didn’t even bother to check how I looked until I got to a glass window, wow, I was dazed, I looked like a guy. Little wonder I’m always surrounded by guys, most of my friends are male. This realisation took me down memory lane.

I remember when I was still a girl that usually puts on her school sport-wear – that had a short and a vest, many times my neighbours asked if I was a girl or boy, I’d graciously tell them my gender. After which they’ll ask again “why do you look like a boy, why do you dress like a boy”. I’ll tell them that I do not know, I only love simplicity.

If my memory serves me right, at another point, one of those men called me “hey, are you a boy or a girl”? I answered and told him I was a girl. Yes the right verb to use is ‘was’ because I am no longer a girl, right? This man kept wondering why I often dress, walk, and play like a boy. Well, I left him to solve the mystery because I didn’t have an answer to that.

However, I do not blame their confused state, why won’t I look like a man? I was and still heavily surrounded by boys – now turned guys, plus the fact that I wasn’t using earrings, you can imagine how I’d looked.

If not that I’m a plus size, I’m sure you’d have had such difficulty too. C’mon, don’t look at me like that, even before you roll your eyes, I am still watching my weight.

Back to my story at the event centre, when I scanned from the gallery where I sat, the crowd was at standstill, out of which I sighted only two guys or men who used their cap the same way I did.

Dressing that way demanded a lot of confidence which I didn’t think of initially, not until I saw myself in the mirror, then I imagined what people could be saying about my dress sense. Did I care? No, I didn’t. I have learnt to dress the way I want and like without minding what people think or say about me, so long as I am comfortable. Yes, comfortability matters a whole lot.

My take-home point for you out of what I had written so far are,

🔆 Be unique! Don’t get a driver that will drive you out of your destiny.

🔆 Stand out!

🔆 Don’t try to copy others!

🔆 Don’t try to please others at the expense of your happiness.

🔆 Find happiness in whatever you do, happiness doesn’t run after you, you’re to run after happiness.

🔆 When you discover your purpose, you’d understand more.

Get my book “The Beauty Behind Your Name”, you’ll be convinced on how to climb this ladder to the point of self-confidence.

I love you.


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